Coaches Profile
Name: Faris Al-Mudaffer

Title: Manager

Origin: Iraq

Sports Background: Played futsal Soccer tennis Padel tennis squash cricket field hockey badminton .. coached Futsal soccer tennis padel tennis ..

Favourite Food: Indian

Favourite Sport:Football (Soccer)

Biggest Influence In Your Life: Parents

Hobbies Apart From Futsal: Sports

Favourite Sportsman: Federer

Favourite Sports Competition: World Cup

Futsal Background: Started Several Programs In Middle East And Now President Of BC Futsal Assocotaion

Favourite Futsal Team: Spain

Favourite Futsal Club: Intermovistar

Where Would You Like To See Futsal In BC: Played In Every Community

Canada: Played Across The Country And All Clubs Playing It Way More Regularly

Name: Thiago Menezes

Title: Head Coach

Origin: São Paulo - Brazil

Sports Background: 11 season pro soccer, 2 seasons pro futsal

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Sport: Football

Biggest Influence In Your Life: Mother And Airton Senna

Hobbies Apart From Futsal: Tennis

Favourite Sportsman: Ronaldo Nazario

Favourite Sports Competition: Premier League

Futsal Background: AMF National Team And Ford Futsal Club

Favourite Futsal Team: Cruzeiro

Favourite Futsal Club: Corinthians

Where would you like to see Futsal in BC : In The Top Of North America Canada

Name: Alice Casagrande Cesconetto

Title: Administrator, Head of Recruitment

Origin: Brazil

Sports Background: Futsal, Soccer, Tennis, Cycling, Surfing, Handball, Volleyball

Favourite Food: Brazilian

Favourite Sport: Soccer & Futsal

Biggest Influence In Your Life: My Father

Hobbies Apart From Futsal: Sports, Hiking, Weight-Lifting, Go-Karting, Playing Musical Instruments, Traveling, Cooking, Writing, Reading, Theatre, And Cinema.

Favourite Sportsman: Ayrton Senna, Marta

Favourite Sports Competition: FIFA Women's World Cup

Futsal Background: Varsity Futsal Player From Elementary School Up Through Undergraduate Level, Assistant Coach On Occasion, Futsal Referee

Favourite Futsal Team: Brazil

Favourite Futsal Club: Futsal Feminino UFSC

Where Would You Like To See Futsal In Bc: Men'S, Women'S, Coed, And Youth Leagues Everywhere!

Canada: Training Programs & Leagues Everywhere!


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