Sponsorship is now synonymous with sport, and sport is synonymous with sponsorships. Quite simply, both need each other, Brands have many sponsorship initiatives & Corporate Social Responsibility & target markets, and sports are always in need of financial assistance, where all can be achieved via Sports medium.

No better example of sponsorship can be found than here in the UAE & GCC, where UAE has taken the lead in many ways globally as a sports sponsorship leader. Emirates & Etihad both have built their brands around Sports sponsorship. Examples of their success are rife in today’s marketplace.

Sports Management Solutions tries to marry both needs. With our expertise in the market in the UAE, and the big business that is sports today, if you have a sports platform, or a target market you would like your brand to identify with, do not hesitate to contact us.

With our links to Dubai Sports Council, and Dubai Educational Zone, we have a huge portfolio of events, and market we can get your message across to. Having worked with the largest brands and the market leaders in the UAE, we understand the needs of the market, and the reach of sponsorship.

For Sponsorship of our events, or any need to assess your marketing needs, please email the below.

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